Whanganui Midweek - 2021-06-09


Master Chefs, Magicians, Miracle Workers

Home & Garden

Rachel and Rebecca

The above is how I see the role of a great interior designer. They mix a delicious variety of ingredients together to work their magic on creating spaces that one could only imagine they would be able to be enjoy. They take equal parts of knowledge, contact’s, creativity, integrity, and blend together until the mixture is just right. A great interior designer will have a variety of contacts up their sleeves to be able to use in any situation. This is always a good representation of a designers worth when their contact list is extensive, and their contacts are willing to help at any time. We become Magician’s when dealing with awkward or neglected spaces. We take the client’s need or desire for their home and turn unusable spaces into spaces that function well, feel great with the rest of the home, and transform the day to day lives of the homeowner. This is one aspect of the business I love working on. With renovations there is often spaces that are unused or simply do not function well and pushing ourselves creatively to come up with a space that will change the day to day living of our clients in a positive manner is wonderful. We recently conver ted part of a double garage and basement space into a master bedroom with ensuite, full width wardrobes and office nook.The difference that renovation has made to the homeowners with their four boys is immense. The homeowners now have a wonderful peaceful retreat they get to enjoy daily, and they cannot quite believe it is their home. I love that kind of outcome. Miracle workers are what Interior Designers become when there is an issue with a project.The issue may be due to items being delayed due to Covid, or an item has suddenly been discontinued after being ordered. This does happen and is most certainly not ideal. They negotiate between trades who will not deal with one another and keep the homeowners feeling calm through stressful times. All the above makes for a great designer along with their knowledge, sparkle, and vision. If we can help with a space, you are wanting to transform or if you have recently purchased a new home and are not sure how your furniture is going to work then give us a call and have a chat. We are here to create, transform and deliver beautiful spaces with a dash of sparkle and a side of humour.


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