Whanganui Midweek - 2021-06-09


What we can do about the climate


Linda Thompson

Climate Aotearoa: What’s happening and what we can do about it Edited by Helen Clark, Allen & Unwin, $36.99 .. .. .. Climate change seems like one of those things we can't do much about as individuals living on islands at the bottom of the world. But we can make change. Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has written the introduction, saying that “it is within our collective capacity to design and implement a more sustainable future”. The contributors range from science writer Jamie Morton and environmental journalist Adelia Hallett to NIWA's Rob Bell and climate scientist Jim Salinger. This book covers the science behind climate change and how our own coasts will change with sea level rise, as well as how it will affect our native flora and fauna. The issues are clearly outlined, and the solutions – and what we can do – are specified. If you still don't believe in climate change, you need to read this. Now.


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