Hastings Leader - 2021-11-24


Four guys chase dreams


The Big Bike Trip by Freddie Gillies, Penguin, $45 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. When they say it’s a Big Bike Trip these guys kid you not. Freddie Gillies takes us on an epic journey as their crew of four riders overcome injury, illness, heartbreak, their own fears and self-doubt. The 23,000 kilometre biking adventure of a lifetime begins at Auckland Airport and over the next 14 months they bike through 20 countries and some of the world’s most exotic locations. They face extreme heat, sub zero temperatures, culture shocks and loneliness. It was a test of their lives but also the time of their lives. Be prepared to fall heavily for this book. The Big Bike will leave you ready to follow in their footsteps, searching the globe and chasing your dreams. — Tony Nielsen


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