Bush Telegraph - 2021-10-11


FloraNZa set to be bloomin’ bonanza


Dave Murdoch

It is hard enough to make a floral design with flowers — fancy doing one without them? That was the challenge for the Dannevirke Floral Art Group on Tuesday, September 28 — to create a design using plant materials but not flowers! And how they responded — resorting to wood, bark, fruit, leaves, etc, etc and every one of the nearly 20 designs was different while still meeting the criteria. This was all part of the preparation for this year’s Floral Art Display called FloraNZa in the Rawhiti Lodge Hall, 191 High Street, on Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am-4pm. There will be flowers — thousands of them — it is spring after all! But there will be steel and glass structures — some of these ladies are really skilled operators. Of course there will be variety ranging from the 2m-high floor giants (theme — FloraNZa) to the tiny petite designs (theme Sweet NZ), which have to fit inside a 10cm square. New Zealand is the theme, but so is 40 years — the club has its 40th birthday this month. Not everything is to be only looked at. Some are to be worn — masks are in fashion these days, but don’t try walking into a shop wearing these! So come along, bring money for the $2 entry and raffles — be one of the many visitors who take some time to absorb the transformation of the lodge hall into a celebration of colour and design. What’s it called again — oh yes FloraNZa — used for the first time since FASNZ coined it 20 years ago. Floral art without flowers — senior entries.


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