Bush Telegraph - 2021-10-11


Shires takes on parade sponsorship


Dave Murdoch

In 1922 the Patel family migrated to New Zealand from India and set up business in Dannevirke as W. Shire and Co. April next year is the centenary of their arrival and the Patel family would like to celebrate by sponsoring this year’s and 2022’s Christmas parades. After four years as sponsor, Dannevirke Mitre 10 is relinquishing its lead sponsorship of the parade and its manager, Bryce Galloway, said speaking on Friday for Mitre 10 and the Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce as its chairman he “could not think of a more appropriate and justifiable business than Shires to pass on the sponsorship privilege”. He said, “Shires has been a well-established and respected business in Dannevirke for many years serving almost a century which no other local retail business has done.” Suresh Patel QSM said he is hugely proud of his family’s history and contribution in New Zealand and is looking forward to highlighting some of it throughout 2022. He thinks the Dannevirke Christmas Parade is a great way to get the ball rolling as his business has not missed a parade since it started in 1981. In fact it has a long history of entering floats in jubilee celebrations going as far back as 1952 when Dannevirke celebrated 80 years, then its centennial in 1972, followed by the 125th in 1997 with the prospect of its 150th in 2022. He would like to point out it is only nine weeks to the Christmas Parade on December 4 at noon. There will be a shop local promotion as usual with prize draws before the start. Details will follow.


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